Friday, August 10, 2012

Standard radio transmission language in combat operations

I'm a Ph.D. research computer scientist consulting for a small Washington D.C. company who builds military radio simulators. We want to incorporate speech recognition and transcription into our line of radio sims, and specifically want to incorporate the usual "nine-line" phraseology used by forward air controllers and close air support personnel into a customized language model.

To do this, we need 2 things:
1. A knowledgeable and experienced consultant who can guide us and give us the details about the phraseology involved, and/or 2. Recordings of tens of thousands of sample radio transmissions, transcribed or not, of typical phraseology used in this domain.
If you know of anyone who can help us achieve our objective here, I would appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks in advance,
--Bob Wesson

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