Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mort Freedman Update

I just talked to Mort on the phone. :-)

It was a difficult conversation, but we did have some 2 way communication on simple questions.  I'm not really sure if he knew who he was talking to, but it was good to hear his voice with some correct answers .

He is having difficulty finding the words, but his voice sounded stronger than the last few weeks before the surgery.

Nita reports he is getting stronger every day and he is eating well. 
They are taking him outside on the veranda twice a day to enjoy the ocean breeze.

His upper body strength has returned and he is frequently trying to get out of the bed so he can try to walk.  That may come soon, but they do not feel he is ready for that yet.

Don Hammond and I are planning another trip to CDO to see Mort and to help Nita file the hospital bills to try and get some of those expenses back.  We will probably be there during the second week of June.


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