Thursday, December 5, 2013

John Chapman Portrait Project

I am looking for someone with skill painting portraits of people.  Why you may ask?  Great questions.  I have been tasked with creating a memorial/tribute to John Chapman and revamping the awardees plaque.  I thought it would mean more if one of our fellow CCT brothers would be interested in putting something together.  The Air Force Enlisted Heritage Museum already has a mannequin and CCS has a bronze bust of him.  I thought painting of him with an engraving of his citation, followed by the plaque would be a good representation for him.  I am in contact with JB to see if Valerie can send me some pictures and to see what she thinks of the idea.  If guys are interested please have them contact me at (423) 240-3475 or my personal e-mail at  Thanks and any input would be appreciated.


SSgt Justin Cantrell


(850) 884-5786

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