Monday, December 9, 2013

Seeking Contact with Former Team Members

Name : Greg "Zip" Peterson, MSgt (Loadmaster (Ret))
Email Address :
Comments : I am assisting Eric C. Webster, who was on the Little Rock team in the mid 1980's with preparations for his death.  Eric suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has been placed on Hospice.  Eric cross-trained to CCT from a 1st assignment of Nav Aids Repairman.  He graduated CCT around April 1984 and was assigned to the L/R team.  He was given a medical discharge in April of 1987.  I do not know if Eric is a member of your Assn, but I am asking that you pass his status on to those who are.  A letter from former team members would mean a lot.  Eric Webster, 53447 350th Street, Lafayette, MN  56054. 
You may use me as a resource. 

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