Monday, December 9, 2013

CCSHF - Shadow Warrior Stone - 2014 Name Update


The Combat Control School Historical Foundation (CCSHF) is undertaking a project to add names and update subject Memorial at the Combat Control School, Pope AAF, NC.   See attachment for details.

New names were solicited in early November 2013 for those deserving individuals not included on the stone in the last up-date, approximately two years ago.

As might be expected, some individuals were over-looked.  This effort is expected to "fill the slate" and once and for all, complete the project.

The cut-off for submission of new names is 31 December.

FUNDING - The Shadow Warrior Memorial is the single, most expensive project expensive project undertaken by the CCSHF.

Your contributions to the CCSHF, 2301 Robeson Plaza, Suite 102, Fayetteville, NC 20308 would be greatly appreciated. 

FINALLY, I do not have email addresses for all those to be added; see attachment.  Your assistance in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.



Gene Adcock
1027  Isle of Palms Path
The Villages, Florida 32162
(352) 391-1269 Cell (352) 255-8156

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