Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jack Fanning Bike Ride

Dave Drake, Mike Paulson, myself and a few others are taking a ride to go visit/pick up Jack Fanning's spirits as we've done in the past w/ former unit member Chad Giesige.

Could you post something on the CCA site to let others know what we're doing? So others can join us for part or all of the ride? Of course, the most important section of the ride would be to have as many bikes as possible roll up to Jack's place just outside of Dallas, but the ride should be fun, hitting all of the good watering holes along the route there and back, so any portion of the ride that guys want to join us would be great.

The tentative schedule is:

Depart Pope 28 or 29 July, (depending on when CM and others can get out of work), towards Hurlburt on back roads, (not going to push that too hard...2 days ride). There we are going fishing w/ RB for a day after we get there. Hope to see you while there.

Leave Hurlburt towards San Antonio on or about Sunday, 31 July or Monday, 1 Aug. (Route will be 6hrs a day or so, hitting points of interest, thirst quenching and stopping early enough to cool off at motel pool each day of the trip).

We're going to San Antonio to visit injured/recovering unit member who is rehabbing there, "K-Bar", aka Gino Kahanauele before riding north to see Jack Fanning.
We plan on spending a day after arriving at each spot.

The route back will weave up to Tennessee and then back towards Pope...TBD, arriving Pope on/about 10 Aug.

Anyone interested in joining the ride, give me a call & we can advise where we are during the ride to link up.


Hop out.

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